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4G LTE  Interference

The 4G roll out program begins in the UK in 2013.  The Government are expecting hundreds of thousands of households to be affected from simple interference to complete loss of signal.    
The Government are putting plans in place for this rollout but households will still need to have filters and/or amplifiers fitted or may even require a full new aerial fitted.

We have been aware of this rollout for a while now and have been on the relevant training programs to enable us to deal with any issues that people in our area may experience.  The masts in the Perth & Kinross area are scheduled to be retuned mid April (which is always subject to change!) - we will be available for any call out work that arises from this and can assure you that we will work as hard as possible to rectify any issues you incur.

We have attached some relevant news updates below for you to look at to help keep you updated with the latest info.
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